Luim SeriesLuim MC1R

Luim Series

Beautifully shot, edited and what a great soundtrack! Maarten (NL)

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Luim MC1R

A stunning film showing beauty and delicateness of redheads. Emma (UK)

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Research and development has started! Is this it? All this terrible trouble for nothing? And all these fucked up moments? Lessons of life? The shooting in the Milan subway. The carjack at Brussels. The women in Italy. Fucking forty, I’m only forty. My son! What about my son!? It twiddles in Victor’s head. His old […]


Ranging in colour from deep burgundy through burnt orange to bright copper. Fair skin, light eyes, freckles and sensitivity to the sun. Pure, unique and proud. Sensual, fiery but unattainable. Vulnerable, mysterious and exceptional. Both ridicule and admiration in response to a mutated gene and MC1R protein. The short film LUIM MC1R documents the authenticity […]

LUIM Series

LUIM is both tough and charming, impulsive and hesitant, self-willed and poignant. LUIM is a highly associative film in four episodes. Small and intense sensations capture the feeling of youth. Exciting shots, vivid colors and contemporary fascinating sound design evoke a scintillating atmosphere with pure and poetic images. Sometimes close to the skin, at other […]


DIRECTOR TJEPKE ZIJLSTRA Q&A ABOUT MC1R In The Palace International Film Festival Tell us about your film. What inspired you, or led you, to create this short film? “I have two copies of a recessive gene, which causes a mutation in the MC1R protein. This gives me the least common natural hair colour, red. I […]