Synopsis (draft)

Is this it? All this terrible trouble for nothing? And all these fucked up moments? Lessons of life? The shooting in the Milan subway. The carjack at Brussels. The women in Italy, Catarina. Fucking forty, I’m only forty. My son! What about my son!?

It twiddles in Victor’s head. His old BMW is spinning around. Aqua planning. Headlights passing by. A horn of a truck. Adrenaline rages through his body. His hand clamps to the handlebars. Blood retreats. White knuckles. His existential crisis all ending in absolute silence culminating in a smoking BMW on the highway.

What about my son?! The crash also influences the life of Esther, his girlfriend. She's sitting on a carousel. Victor left for an "inspirational journey with lots of room for reflection". The bastard. What am I going to do? And what about my son Sep?


Contributions in exploration and build:

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