'Crash' tells how incidents and events turn normal situations upside down. It shows storylines merged with stages of dissociaton and situations where we become detached from reality. Situations that have a great deal of impact on what we want, what we feel and what we need.

The project is also a study of the imaginary. 'Crash' does not want to interpret and depict the consequences of the impact of incidents and accidents but the perception and experience of it.

The pre-design by various artists is based on fractured narratives and, introducing, fractured design.


When Victor crashes with his car, he and his girlfriend Esther face their lives, desires and needs. While Esther is holding on to a broader view and personal reflection, Victor spins around in his own male gaze world.

'Crash' is a story about personal transition and growth. And also a quest for beauty, happiness and affection.