About Luim Film

Great content! Keep up the good work!
Helen Thompson (Germany)

Compliments for your productions. What I saw was very beautiful. Quite naturally and special.
Bianca (The Netherlands)

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

About MC1R

A stunning film showing the beauty and delicateness of red hair, pale skin and freckles.
Emma (UK)

Love it! The true people of color!
Patty Kayes (USA)

I LOVE that she is by the Ocean.
Stephanie McMurtie (USA)

Gorgeous, #celebrating all reds!!!
Ness Gooch (Australia)

Dian Mayhew (USA)

Excellent video.
Tom Smith (USA)

Beauty of the shades of red.
Curly (USA)

I Love Gingers !!!!!!!!
John Santos (USA)

Pauline Mulder (The Netherlands)

Maroeska den Breejen (The Netherlands)

Anne Bosch (The Netherlands)

Anouk Vlamings (The Netherlands)

Its the beauty of Adonai mastery of creatorship.
Efrayim FW Malembeka (Zambia)

A beautiful film.
Ellen Gooszen (The Netherlands)

Wonderful images!
Ingrid Punter (Portugal)

Toby Bosschart (The Netherlands)

Beautifully made!
Tina (The Netherlands)

Truly a beautiful film!
Lizzy (The Netherlands)

Jules van den Hurk (The Netherlands)

A beautiful film!! Distinctive!!
Jules (The Netherlands)

A beautiful film. Wonderful, integer, dreamy!
Willem (The Netherlands)

We really liked the film!
Nathaniel (Canada)

So beautiful!
Peter Brouwer (The Netherlands)

Very special.
Myriam (The Netherlands)

Beautiful, a journey into beauty.
Henk (The Netherlands)

Really beautiful. Really very nice.
Marjanne (The Netherlands)

Very beautiful.
Angelo (Peru)

This sounds like such a great idea!
Joanne (United Kingdom)

I am very curious to the movie!
Milou (The Netherlands)

Go gingers!
Steffen (Germany)

Marco (Italy)

Ronald Tilleman (The Netherlands)

Special and unique!
Isabelle (The Netherlands)

I think this is a great idea.
Pablo (Switzerland)
About Luim Series

The viewers are impressed about the plainy profound subject dealt with in such a poetic concise way.
Reta (Shnit Film Festival, Germany & Switzerland)

Beautifully shot, edited and what a great soundtrack!
Maarten (BNN, The Netherlands)

I saw luim#4 in Amsterdam and I want to see the others too!!
Augustine (The Netherlands)

VERY BEAUTIFUL! Compliments!!!!!
Eke (The Netherlands)
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