“Being an adolescent means writing her number on your arm and seeing the ink flowing in your pores. It means biking, biking, always biking. And always against the wind. Being an adolescent means creating intense friendships in the coziness of your room.
In the four-part movie ‘LUIM’ I wanted to capture the intense sensations of coming of age and create moods instead of a real life story.”
from: Leeuwarder Newspaper

“I wanted to create an experience based on my own youth. Not as a linear story but about the feelings that I had at the time. I was anxious to see if I could catch these feelings and put them in a more universal context, to see if young people nowadays still have the same feelings. And to see if I could capture those feelings in images and sound. I searched for main themes from my childhood and incorporated them into a fourpart movie.”
from: Friesland Post


“Working with youngsters was like a party. They are so driven, full of energy and ambitious, but at the same time very cooperative. Working with them and with some of the best cameramen, art directors and sound designers, who all worked for free during their vacation, made this project exceptional. Add to this the overwhelming and cinematic Dutch countryside and it made for a challenging and rewarding project.
‘LUIM’ is a kind of ego-document. And also four films in which everybody can recognize adolescent feelings.”
from: Friesch Dagblad